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Creating great products is tough, messy and takes a lot of work. That’s why we love to get our hands dirty along with the founder’s team.

1. UX/UI Design

We start by understanding the problem, the potential users and the context. After getting insight from the research, we prototype solutions until we define the minimal-viable version of the product.

UX UI Design Service UX UI Design Service

2. Brand DNA

Imagine your brand is a person. How would that person communicate? How would she look like? What values and behaviors would she have? Answering those questions is the first step to build your brand.

Branding Service Branding Service

3. Product Strategy

Successful startups have one thing in common: they have great products. It's not about having many features or sleek aesthetics. It's about solving an intense and recurring problem 10x better than current alternatives.

Product Strategy Service Product Strategy Service

4. Agile Development

We build the first (or next) working version of your solution with the bare minimum requirements to add value to users. It's not going to be perfect, but it will allow you to validate the most relevant hypothesis of your business model.

Agile Development Service Agile Development Service

5. Product Metrics

We use sophisticated software to track all relevant behaviors on your website. This will allow you to test hyphotesis with real users, learn from their feedback and improve user experience.

Product Metrics and Strategy | Service Product Metrics and Strategy | Service
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80€ per hour


Prototype Design

6,000€ for 75h
3,750€ in Cash + 2,250€ in Equity
Product Strategy
UX/UI Design
Landing Page

Total billable hours


Get feedback about your solution without spending a lot of money

MVP Development

18,000€ for 225h
11,250€ in Cash + 6,750€ in Equity
Product Strategy
UX/UI Design
Product Metrics

Total billable hours


Learn from real users and get traction to attract co-founders and investors

Custom Development

80€ / h
50€ in Cash + 30€ in Equity
User research
Product Strategy
UX/UI Design
Product (Re) Design
Product Metrics

Specific needs? We’ve got you covered. Tell us how can we help you.

Why work
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1. Commitment

We share the risk with you. We’ll only make profit when your startup succeed. This align our interest for the long term.


2. Flexibility

We can provide hands-on help from awesome professionals with very different skill sets.


3. Focus

As a boutique studio, we focus you your startup with all out heart. We don’t have big clients to distract us.


4. Experience

This isn’t our first rodeo 😎 We’ve been creating annd helping others create successful startups for 10+ years.


5. Startup Mindset

We’ve been there, don’t worry. We know you want to reach product-market fit asap. We focus on testing hypothesis as fast and cheap as possible.


6. Low burn rate

We know it is difficult to get started. We accept equity so the startup has more cash to invest on other important things.


Practice makes master. Check some of the projects we've been working on for the last years.

emitus startup project
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Monetization toolbox for independent professionals

85% of people are unhappy with their 9-5 jobs. New generation of professionals are looking for more flexible and rewarding ways of work. Emitus makes it easy for independent professionals to make money remotely.

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Pleisi startup
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Hello work, good bye ties

More than 80% of the active population in Latin America has no formal education. Pleisi is an online platform that teaches how to generate income from home in topics that do not require prior knowledge.

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SuperMenu Startup
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Simple, visual and personalized food discovery app

Menu is a food discovery app that helps you find the best dishes in your city in a simple, visual and personalized way. It doesn’t matter if you are on a diet, you are vegan or you just want to discover new flavors, in Menu you will be able to find your next favorite meal.

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Ochentamil Startup
Green hand icon

Ochentamil Profesionales

Get things done, with expert help!

Finding the right person for the job has never been easy. Search from more than 4 million professional profiles to hire the best for the job.

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Sensidoc startup
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A platform that brings online medical attention to the underserved population

Healthcare is one of the most essential things in life. However, more than 60% of the global population doesn’t have access to basic health services. Sensidoc uses technology to bring online medical attention to those who can’t afford it.

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Abogadus Startup
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Marketplace for remote legal advice

Finding lawyers is more difficult than you think. At Abogadus you can book a video call session with a rated lawyer with expertise in the area of your interest.

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About us

We are builders...

A team of creators, crazy enough to think that the future can still be designed. Some of us have been founders or worked at a startup, others come from digital agencies, design studios or consultancy firms. We don’t have headquarters because we were born global with a remote-first mindset. We believe that smart and happy individuals can create amazing startups without giving their lives away. We embrace diversity and welcome open minded individuals that share the idea of improving people’s life through innovation.

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